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Your Pet Can See The World As You Travel

The traditional pet carrying basket can be really awkward to use and even more awkward to walk with to and from the car if you are going to the vets or just travelling around with your pet.

Pets like to feel safe and secure and if too many sides are exposed like the caged carriers then this may make them feel unsafe and insecure. 

This backpack is a fantastic idea if you travel regularly with your pet, they have a comfy area to sit in and the dome window allows them to see what is going on.

A backpack is just so much easier to carry around than a basket, unlike a basket this bag allows you to be hands free so you are able to carry more things.

The Bubble Pet Carrier Has A Peep Window So Your Pet Can See Out

The bubble pet carrier was founded in 2016 and developed by animal lovers so you can be sure that this is a high quality product made just for you and your pets comfort.

Whether you are out on the road or taking a trip to the vets or a friends house then this carrier will be easy and comfy to use for you both.

The bubble window can be switched to a mesh window or can be removed completely for smaller dogs so they can stick their head of out of the hole yet remaining safely inside the carrier at all times.

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