10 Pawsome Pet Tattoos You Will Love

People love their pets so much and many decide to get tattoo’s to have as a constant reminder that their pet will always be with them in their hearts. We’ve searched Instagram high and low to bring you 10 awesome pet tattoo’s, if you’re looking for ideas for your next tattoo or just curious of the designs out there you will be amazed by our top 10.

#3 This photo made us say “awwww” it’s melts your heart when you see someone who has so much love for their pets.

#6 We found a lot of great cat and dog tattoo’s but here’s something a little different. That cheeky, cute face is so adorable.

#7 There’s something so beautiful about watercolour tattoo’s, we think this one is great, the colours really compliment eachother.

#10 This simple tattoo makes a statement and also looks great, any animal lover will adore these cute paws.

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