Find Out How This Fire Fighter Saves Dying Pup

As she arrived home she saw that her apartment was on fire and fear hit as she realised that her 10 year old dog, Nalu was trapped inside, it was a terrifying moment for Crystal Lamirande. 

Andrew Klein, was one of the Fireman who was battling to put out the blaze found her unconscious pup but he wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse. Without any hesitation the fire fighter started to perform CPR on Nalu and also gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Nalu made a full recovery thanks to Andrew Klein. What an absolute hero!

Andrew said "Our goal is to save people, and sometimes we're not able to do that despite our best efforts. But to have a success story just like this, even with Nalu being a dog, I mean again he's a life and he's a life that matters. That was just a great morale booster for all of the guys here in our department,”

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