Guy Walks Into Petsmart, Buys The Most Neglected Fish And Transforms Her

An aquarium can be a great choice for your home where both adults and children can enjoy.

One day a guy went into his local Petsmart to purchase a new betta fish (also known as a Siamese fighting fish) after he had recently lost his own fish, as he entered the store in good spirits little did he know he was about to leave the store in a very angry mood, to which he would later share his rant on Craigslist.

Although this guy is a huge fish lover and he is defending his new beautiful fish, his rant and choice of words may put a smile on your face. It’s great to see that he’s so passionate, and go him for rescuing the most neglected fish in Petsmart.

He was clearly upset at the cashier for calling his new fish ugly. “What if i told you that your face was uglier than my betta? Don’t say that shit, man. I bought this little turd monger the same day my beautiful better passed away”.

Unfortunately his other fish had passed who he described as “fierce AF”, he was clearly upset about it, “Goddam bladder infection took him too soon man, too soon’.

Check out his full rant below and let us know your thoughts.

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