How To Host A Dog Birthday Party

Are you thinking of hosting a birthday party for your dog’s special day? If so, we’re here to help out with some great ideas and an organisation list to make sure that you don’t forget anything for the big day.

Create a List

You’ve decided that you want to host a party for your dog and now the hard work begins but it can be made so much easier by creating a checklist to keep you organised so you don’t go off track.

Use our checklist as a guide and add other ideas that may be relevant to your pooch party.

A Few Things To Think About


If any children are attending, consider how they may react with the dogs. Also if your pooch is a friendly dog that loves being around others you have no problem but if your dog is a little socially awkward you may want to just invite close friends and other dogs that your pooch is comfortable around. It needs to be an enjoyable time for everyone, especially your dog.


When creating a food list for the humans and dogs remember those who may have special dietary requirements such as wheat free, vegetarian or allergies etc. Make sure that you prepare and keep the allergy free food separate.

Try to include healthy snacks and always make sure that the food you choose is suitable for dogs. We love apple and carrots sticks as they make a great choice for both humans and pups.

Are you just going to have a birthday cake for your dog or are you going to get one for the humans too? You can make your own cake or buy a dog friendly cake like this raw hide cake.


Which activities are suitable for your party venue, if you are having it outside your activities may be different to an indoor party. Be sure to check the weather too!


Are you having a themed party? If so make sure you plan in advance and if so get your friends to help you with the decorating. You can get a simple paw print tablecloth cover and also paw print balloons are great fun.

Goodie Bags

Everyone loves a goodie bag! Are the goodies suitable for all of your guests?

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