Man Leaves Shelter He’s Never Visited a HUGE Donation

A small animal shelter in British Columbia, Vancouver recieved a very generous donation from a guy that had never even visited the animal shelter.

When 83 year old Daryl Mutz passed away, his will stated that he wanted $275,000 of his estate donated to the New Westminster Animal Shelter.

Staff were absolutely flabbagasted at the huge donation.

Mutz requested a portion of the money, $55,000, be used to help animals that come in needing “excessive” veterinary care, including things like treating broken bones and pricey dental surgeries.

There is also a $115,000 animal enrichment fund set aside for things like toys and treats, special behavioural training sessions and dog agility equipment – to exercise dogs’ minds, as well as their bodies, and gain confidence.

“We would love to keep a legacy for this gentleman. I think he must have been an amazing man,” said Fox, adding that the funds will be used over at least five years.

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