Meet Chowder The Dog That Looks Like A Bear

Meet the most adorable dog that looks just like a squishy bear. With over 315k followers on Instagram, 3 year old Chowder from the Philippines has become an internet sensation.

How I feel about rainy days… *hides under the table*

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Just like any dog Chowder loves a good game of football.

Uh oh… so I think I need a new ball…… anybody wanna play?

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This is one serious heart melter, look at that face.

When you're enjoying your treat but your pawparents tell you to smile for the camera

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Everybody loves Chowder and with over 300k follows you can see why.

Don’t underestimate Chowder, he is one very intelligent dog.

Oops, fell asleep with my glasses on 😅

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To see more of Chowder and his adventures, make sure to check him out chowderthebeardog on Instagram.

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