Pup That Wandered Off Is Reunited With Family A Decade Later

Ten years ago, a black lab mix was playing outside with her family when she suddenly wandered off and disappeared. The family searched high and low for their beloved pup but she was nowhere to be found, they were heartbroken and declared that Abby was dead. 

Fast forward 10 years and the family received a phone call which would be the shock of their lives. 

The Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley phoned up to alert the family that they had their dog. Debra was confused because both of her dogs were right there in front of her so she assumed it was a mistake, but when they mentioned they had Abby she was in complete shock and didn’t know what to say.

Debra rushed down to collect Abby and took her home, a decade later from when she disappeared. 

Abby had turned up at Judy Spiering’s house which was 8 miles away from the family home. Judy then alerted the police who contacted the animal facility and they scanned her for a microchip. 

None knows where Abby had been for the past 10 years but she had been taken care of as she was in good shape, she was a good weight and she seemed very happy.

The family is thrilled to have Abby back and although she has a few fatty tumours which is normal for her age, Abby is back home with her family.

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