These Chinchilla Photos Will Send You Into A Melt Down

Chinchilla’s are super cute with their perfect little ears and fluffy tails, who doesn’t love these sweet creatures.

Check out these adorable photos and awesome facts that you never knew about Chinchillas.

It just makes you really want to hold one!

#1 Chinchillas can live up to 20 years

#2 Chinchillas are very sensitive to heat and humidity and can easily overheat

#3 Their teeth never stop growing, so they need to chew and gnaw to keep their teeth trimmed

#4 A Chinchillas favourite bath is a sand bath!

#5 These creatures can jump up to 6ft in one leap

#6 Chinchillas require a great deal of social attention from their owner

#7 Chinchillas chat to each other with a variety of noises such as grunts, chirps barks and squeals

#8 Chinchillas can literally sleep in any position, even upside down

#9 They cannot vomit

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