You’d Better Believe That Twinning With Your Pet Is A Real Thing

Sometimes it’s the simplest thing that goes viral and the latest craze is twinning with your pet.

It all started when Isle Of White man, Liam Rice uploaded a few photo’s of him copying his Husky, Lunas expressions. The next day when he woke up his phone was bombarded with notifications from social media  of people loving his twinning pics.

Liams post has been retweeted thousands of times and has inspired the nation to get twinning, so come on, grab your pet and get twinning too!

#1 Liam Rice started it off with a few simple pics

#2 Little did he know how much the world would adore these photos

#3 Playing it cool

#4 Chill out time

#5 Great chew marks on the cone there 😉 A star for effort

#6 So deep in thought

#7 Twinning in nature

#8 You show me yours I’ll show you mine

#9 Gizza grin

#10 We can share, right?

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