Quiz: Can You Guess These Baby Animal Names?

So you think you know your animals, right? Well here’s a quiz to really test you, with some super easy questions and some that will truly test your knowledge, see how many you can get right.

Some of these answers might take you by surprise.

  • A baby Alpaca is a

    • Cria
    • Paca
  • A baby Bat is a

    • Pup
    • Batling
  • A baby Deer is a

    • Elk
    • Fawn
  • A baby Eagle is a

    • Chick
    • Eaglet
  • A baby Elephant is a

    • Nellie
    • Calf
  • A baby Ferret is a

    • Furbaby
    • Kit
  • A baby Hedgehog is a

    • Piglet
    • Pug
  • A baby Kangaroo is a

    • Joey
    • Roo
  • A baby Koala is a

    • Joey
    • Coco
  • A baby Peacock is a

    • Yes
    • Chickpea

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