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Tokihut – The Best Foraging Mat For Your Small Animal

If you’re looking for an interesting way to entertain your small animal then the Tokihut Foraging Mat is going to be a game changer. Just like us humans, our pets can get very bored if they don’t have entertainment throughout the day, just imagine sitting in a cage all day with nothing to do. That’s why it’s so important to keep your pet motivated and entertained with a variety of different toys and activities.
The Tokihut mat is the ultimate foraging mat for your small animal whether you have a rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla or even a rat. Simply hide your pets treats, pellets and herbal blends within the different pockets, flaps and gaps on the mat. Your pet will then have to use their senses and natural foraging skills to find each treat, this will activate their brain and keep them stimulated and motivated which is great for their overall health.

This will also help to slow down fast eaters as they will need to take their time to find every little piece of food. It’s a great outdoor activity for enjoying the sunny days or great for indoors during those cold wintery months. You can even use this mat for meal times instead of putting their food into a boring bowl, why not make things as fun as possible for your furry friend!

If this mat gets dirty then no need to worry and you can pop it into the washing machine on a gentle cycle and hang it out to completely dry. This mat measures 25” x 25” which makes it perfect for multiple pets to use at the same time or it’s a bonus for one single pet. A grippy back also ensures that this can be used on any floor and won’t go slipping and sliding on any furnished floor.

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