10 Purrfect DIY Cat Scratchers

It’s fun buying stuff for our precious pets but it’s even better when we get creative and make something special for them. DIY crafts are fun, easy, affordable and the whole family can get involved too.

Cat scratchers can be pretty basic and boring, but if you make your own you can do some pretty awesome designs and choose vibrant colours so your kitty will have a cat scratcher that will definitely stand out from the crowd.

These top 10 DIY cat scratchers are pretty easy to make and generally require very few materials to make them such as some trusty cat sisal rope and some strong glue which you can easily pick up from your local store.

#1 DIY A Sleek and Modern Cat Scratcher

This  sleek and modern cat scratcher from homedit makes a great DIY project and you only need a few materials. Follow the simple and clear step by step instructions and create your kitty the perfect scratching post which will look great in your house.

Materials Needed

Two pieces of wood

Miter saw, protective glasses

Jute or sisal rope

Hand-held staple gun




Nail gun

#2 DIY Vase Scratching Post

This awesome DIY vase scratching post from Meow Lifestyle is an awesome idea. It looks fun, quirky and is a great disguise for a scratching post.

You can use an old vase or even pick one up very cheap from a charity shop, it's a great way of recycling.

Again, you will only need a few materials to create this masterpiece that your cat will love. 

#3 Traffic Cone Cat Scratching Post

This traffic cone cat scratching post is such a great idea if you like to do things a little different. So Fancy Blog shows you the simple steps you need to create this quirky DIY cat scratcher.

As you may have guessed you're going to need to find yourself a traffic cone, believe it or not you can purchase one from Amazon but we don't recommend stealing any from the roadside!


Dream A Little Bigger has created a scratching post that will literally last your cat for years. 

With the help of a few materials you will have a new cat scratcher in a matter of minutes.

#5 Cactus Cat Scratcher

Just when you think DIY cat scratchers couldn't get any better, KAYLEE EYLANDER has designed this unusual but fantastic cat scratcher that they can go crazy about.

Of course you will need some trusty sisal rope and a few more pieces than the other cat scratchers but it's definitely worth it.


This colourful pastel DIY cat scratcher will definitely make a cool feature in your room and your cat is going to love it.

A Beautiful Mess explains how to make this adorable cat scratcher, to get the lovely pastel effect you will need to dye the sisal rope but you can experiment with different colours and tones for your desired look.

#7 DIY Cat Scratcher

DIY doesn't have to be expensive, all you need is a good collection of corrugated cardboard, preferably long pieces so that you can roll them up easily.

Your cat is going to love this cat scratching post from House Of Meow.

#8 Inexpensive Cat Scratcher

Planet June shows you how to make a cat scratcher that is simple and easy to make. It will take you less than an hour to make!

Your cat will be able to scratch until their hearts content.

#9 DIY Kitty Self Scratcher

This cat scratcher from petrichment will hit the spot with your kitty. It's super cheap and simple to make, you are going to need some toilet brushes for this one!

#10 Cat Scratcher

Crafts By KimiJo shows you just how simple it is to make a place for your cat to scratch and it also doubles up as a place to rest their tired paws.

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