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Now You Can Get A Treadmill For Your Dog


It’s not just humans that can benefit from treadmills, now our 4 legged friends can get fit too!

It may seem like a bonkers idea but the dogPACER™ treadmill is designed for dogs of all shapes and sizes so no matter what pooch you have, you can be sure that the dogPACER™ will be perfect for them. The running surface is more than 71″ x 16.5″ and there are customised programmes to choose from depending on your dogs fitness level.

This doggy treadmill is compact and also portable so you can move it wherever you want without any hassle. 

Theres no need to worry about a noisy treadmill as this has a whisper-quiet motor so you won’t disturb the person in the next room.

The doggy treadmill is great for those people who can’t get out as much but still want their dog to be getting enough exercise, you can even place the treadmill outside so your dog has some beautiful scenery to run to. It is also great for those freezing days where it’s too just cold too step outside, your dog can still have their daily run.

So what do you think of this dogPACER™ treadmill?

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