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5 Unique Pet Feeding Stations

When it comes to your pets feeding stations you can either go plain or choose a seriously stylish one to keep in with your decor. You can even get creative and make one yourself but if you don’t have the time or skills and want to purchase something special for your pet then you will be spoilt for choice with these unique designs.

Whether you have a cat or dog, a pets feeding station is one of their most valued items as it’s their magical source of food and water, and we all know how vital food is to your hungry pet, so we think it’s important to choose something special for them.

When a pet bowl is on the floor it creates moisture which is the perfect combination for bacteria to grow, so if your pets bowl is elevated this reduces the risk of bacterias and moulds.

These top 5 feeding stations are super jazzy and stylish and there is a design for all personalities to suit your pet and your decor too.

Ceramic Bowl Pet Rack

This cat feeding station is modern and will look great in your stylish home. The bowls are cleverly designed in the shape of a cat face and make it look super cute.

It is designed with your cat in mind, so it’s at the perfect height so that they can finish every last bit of food. The base is made from a waterproof and scratch-resisnat paint.

This design is also available in the opposite colours with black dishes and a white base.

Dog Food Feeding Stand Station

This stylish wooden feeding station complete with stainless steel bowls is going to be a favourite in your home, it will suit any decor and will fit nicely against any wall or on any surface.

The best thing about this feeding station is the 2 drawers underneath the bowls so you can store your pets goodies and treats in there all neat and tidy.

The bone and paw prints on this wooden pet feeding station really makes it feel homely.

You can also write your pets name on the chalkboard bone shape.

Indipets High with Carved Paws

This unique bone shaped feeding station looks like a stylish mini coffee table and will look great in your home whatever design you have.

This is just the right height for your dog to eat their food in comfort so they don’t have to bend down which may put strain on their neck especially if they are an older dog or a larger breed.

This USA made feeding station is made from recycled polyethylene and the crafted hardwood is painted and finished by hand.

Solid Wood Elevated Pet Feeder

This quirky feeding station will make you stand out from the crowd and you can be assured that none of your friends will have the same design.

The base is made from quality pine board and rubber wood. They are natural materials so you can be assured there are no toxic substances which are harmful to your pet.

The ceramic bowls are dishwasher safe too, choose from black. Yellow, pink or blue.

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