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Furbo: The Pet Camera That Can Toss Your Dog A Treat

Does your pet suffer from separation anxiety when you leave the house or do you suffer from separation anxiety from your pet? It’s okay, plenty of people do.

Do you ever walk round the supermarket and think “I wonder what the dog is up to?”, well now you can not only find out what they are up to but you can speak to them and also toss them a treat too, all from the comfort of your phone.

This clever pet camera allows you to check in on your pet when you’re out and about and with 1 click you can toss them a treat to keep them entertained and active.

Furbo has also been featured on The Ellen show, now how cool is that?!

Speak To Your Pup Whenever You Want

The best thing about this pet camera is that you can speak to your pup!

The clever 2-Way Audio allows you to chime in and tell your pooch what a good boy he is. If you can see he is a little anxious, he will be able to hear your voice and feel assured that you are watching him.

You will be able to take plenty of cute photos and even record sweet videos with the Skymee app so you can share the moments with your friends and family.

Toss Treats To Your Dog With The Click Of A Button

The best feature about this pet camera is the treat tosser, if you can see your pet is a little bored you can talk to him then magically toss him a treat to keep him entertained and satisfied. This also works with Alexa too.

Round shaped doggy treats with a diameter of 1cm work best with this device.

It's great entertainment for your dog whilst you are out and you'll be able to show your friends too.

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