A Dog Ramp Makes Getting Into The Car More Comfortable

Just like us humans, a dog struggles with mobility as they age meaning simple tasks that used to be easy such as getting in and out of the car becomes a lot harder and stressful for your pooch.

It’s not always easy lifting your dog into the car either, they might be too heavy for us or we might be scared of hurting them especially if they are old. 

A dog ramp is the perfect solution and makes getting into the car more comfortable, you won’t need to lift your dog, you just need to guide them up the ramp and into the car.

Dog ramps don’t just have to be for the old dog too, they can be used for any dog that can’t jump (due to a health condition or not) or is quite frankly too lazy to hop into your boot.

A Dog Ramp Makes Life For Your Dog So Much Easier

The raised edges on this dog ramp ensure that your pet won't loose their footing and slip off the edge.

A textured floor provides good traction and makes sure that your dog doesn't loose it's footing while walking up and down.

The Dog Ramp Folds Neatly Away For Easy Storage

The ramp quickly folds up into a suitcase sized box and stores neatly in your car ready for the next use.

Whether your dog is big or small or can't quite jump into the boot of your car, you can safely have access at all times.

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