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This Car Safety Net Stops Your Dog Jumping Into The Front

We all know that one dog that can’t just sit still in the back of the car while travelling, they have to climb into the front and will only settle when they in the passenger seat.

This car safety net puts a stop to them jumping into the front while you are driving, it can be very dangerous for them to do that especially when they do it unexpectedly as it can make you loose your concentration causing you to swerve.

A good idea is to put a car safety net in place to stop your pooch from distracting you whilst driving.

This Car Net Is Universal And Space Saving

This car net provides a universal fit and fits most cars, vans and SUVs.

It's lightweight and portable so when it's not in use you can simply take it down and store it neat and tidy making it a great space saving purchase.

Easy to Install and Remove --- No need to drill, just use 4 stainless steel hooks and adjustable straps to hang on the handles above the door or the front seat headrests.
Durable and Long Lasting --- High strength elastic mesh surface with adjustable strips, breathable, ventilated and visible. 8*8mm small hole mesh reduces the possibility that pets paws and claws get entangled in them. See through and don't affect rear view. Light weight, foldable and space-saving, portable size could be stored in car conveniently.

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