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A Wall Mounted Cat Tree That Saves On Space

If you’re tight for space in your home but you really want to treat your cat then have no worries as this wall mounted cat tree will save you so much space compared to if you had a floor one.

When you live in a small home then using upward space is essential for making the most of the room you have. This wall mounted cat tree can go pretty much anywhere in your home from the kitchen to the bedroom or even in your bathroom if that’s your cats favourite spot to hang out in.

#2 Purr-fect For One Or More Cats To Enjoy

The pole is covered in a durable sisal rope which is fantastic for when they want to scratch their claws, it will also help to protect your furniture to as they know this is their own private scratching place.If you need to encourage your cat to use the scratching pole simply use some catnip spray to attract them.

If you have one cat or four cats, this wall mounted cat tree is going to be a top hit in your house. You and your family will be entertained for hours watching your cat/s play and chase each other.

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