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Hours Of Fun: Auto Rotating Light Chaser Cat Toy

If you have a playful cat or kitten who loves to chase lights then this interactive auto rotating light chaser will keep your cat busy all day long.

It can be a great way to help reduce any stress, destructive behaviours your cat may show or even help to tackle boredom. If your cat needs a little encouragement with exercise then this is a fantastic way of getting them to burn a few calories.

#1 The Light Chaser Is USB Charging

Place the light chaser on the floor, a table or simply hold it and direct the light around the room for your playful cat to chase. When playtime is over, you can easily store this device away ready for next time.

The light chaser is completely silent when in use so other family members won’t be disturbed. To charge this device simply use the USB cable and once fully charged you will have 12 hours of pure entertainment.

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