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This Gigantic Cat Tree Is Every Cats Dream

It’s a fact that cats just love to play, chase, pounce, scratch and climb so can you even imagine your cats face if they saw this gigantic cat tree? It’s what every cat dreams of!

It’s clear to see why this gigantic cat tree has 5 star ratings, it’s designed to perfection and it will definitely save your precious furniture from those sharp claws.

Both indoor cats and outdoor cats are going to find so much enjoyment from this cat tree.

#1 Your Cat Can Explore, Sleep And Play

Every pole on this cat tree is fully covered with sisal rope so your cat can have fun climbing and also stop to scratch their claws which is essential for maintaining healthy and trimmed nails.

The total height of this cat activity tree is 180cm so your cat will be encouraged to climb and exercise which will help their overall health.

They will be able to unleash their natural play and hunting instincts with many places to hide, sleep and play. Each level of this cat tree gives your kitty something new to explore, from sleeping in the cosy pod to swinging off the rope on the middle level, your cat is going to have the time of their life.

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