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This Catio Is A Safe Way For Your Cats To Explore Outside

Catio’s are a fantastic idea as they allow indoor cats the opportunity to get some quality fresh air and allow them to spend time outside. We all know how much better it feels after being outside and the same goes for our pets too, a bit of fish air does you the world of good.

There are many reasons that someone might have an indoor cat, it could be due to a cats health or age or they might live near a busy road or dangerous place such as train tracks and don’t want to risk their cats getting injured or they might even have neighbours with dangerous dogs.

#2 Your Indoor Cats Can Get Fresh Air In A Safe Environment

You could create an exciting place for your cat to investigate, why not grow some catnip in the catio and even make your own tunnels and hide away spots for them.

During the hot and cold months it’s still important your cat gets fresh air, just remember to ensure that they are protected from the elements such as the sun and wind/snow/rain. You could cover a portion of the catio with some weather proof material or put an outdoor cat house in there for some extra shelter.

Turn the catio into a real sanctuary for your cat, the ideas are endless.

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