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How You Can Help Support Your Ageing Dog

As your dog ages you may notice that they aren’t as mobile and alert as they used to be and they may appear to be uncomfortable at times, unfortunately we cannot stop the ageing process but we can definitely support our dog to make them as comfortable as possible.

All dogs are different, some become friendlier and want to cuddle more whereas others may become grumpier because they cannot see or hear properly. 

Thankfully in this day and age it’s not all bad news, with the advancement of medicine there are drugs which help to reduce pain and ageing ailments but we can certainly do our best to help our dogs further.

#1 Providing Your Ageing Dog With A Comfortable Bed Is Priority

When our pets age they spend a lot of their time sleeping and resting so providing your pooch with the comfiest bed possible is essential.

An orthopaedic bed like this one not only protects joints but it adapts very well to the form of your dog meaning they spend less time fidgeting around trying to get comfortable. 

The secret of this bed lies inside where the centre is made from special "Memory Foam" which not only adapts to the weight of the dog but their temperature too.

#2 A Support Sling Is Great For Those Weaker Dogs

Some dogs, especially bigger dogs may develop weak joints and find it hard to do simple tasks like climb into the car or up steps.

Thankfully inventions like this support sling means that life is easier for not only your dog but for you aswell, especially if your dog is a large breed. 

This sling is especially great for weak joints and arthritis as you can give your dog that extra hand instead of having to pick them up which may cause them more pain.

#4 A Supplement Can Be A Great Idea For Ageing Dogs

A supplement like this one which is also suitable for both cats and dogs can be a great dietary addition. 

As pets age they need certain nutrients to help support the ageing process and this natural joint support ticks all of the boxes.

Advanced powerhouse blend of natural ingredients, including Glucosamine, Chondroitin, New Zealand sourced Green Lipped Mussel, MSM, Curcumin and Hyaluronic Acid to help support your pet's hips and joints at all stages of their life.

#6 Love, Love and Love

The most important thing is love. As we've discussed you may notice small changes in your pets behaviour so don't assume they are misbehaving, it's all part of the ageing process.

If your dog doesn't fancy a walk, don't force them, let them rest and try again later. If your pet becomes grumpier try to understand what they must be going through.

The best thing you can do is give your dog plenty of love and if you have children, explain to them how to behave around your ageing dog.

The ageing process doesn't have to be a sad time, your pet just needs more rest and they need your love!

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