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Feeding Wild Birds | What You Can Do To Help Them

Although wild birds find food themselves, food shortages can happen at any time of the year which means the wild birds are struggling for food.

This year particularly, winter has been really long and really cold which makes it even harder for the birds to find food for themselves and their families.

We can definitely help out though and provide them with a variety of food and supplies, plus it will be amazing to watch the birds flock to your garden. You can get the whole family involved and record which types of wildlife you see.

#2 Solar LED Light Owl Garden Patio Birdbath

Who said that bird baths have to be plain and boring? You can choose a funky one like this one.

Most people provide food for the birds but fewer people provide fresh water. Birds love to bathe and in the summer fresh water is even harder to find so by providing fresh water for the birds you are doing them a real favour.

Remember that a layer of algae or a few specks of dirt will quickly build up so it's important to give the bird bath a clean at least once per week.

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