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Birdwatchers Essential Packing List

Bird watching is a wonderful hobby, you can go almost anywhere whether it’s your local national forest centre or you can even find a spot on holiday to bird watch.

Bird watching has no limits, it is great for all ages from children to grandparents and even those with disabilities, everyone can enjoy it.

If your new to birdwatching you may wonder what you need, this list provides you with essential and not so essential items for your bird watching trip.

#2 Olympus DPS-I 8 x 40 Binocular

Binoculars are definitely an essential item that you will needing on your birdwatching trip.

These affordable binoculars have fantastic reviews and have a high quality finish with sure-grip rubber coating for your comfort.

UV protection will help to protect your eyes from any harmful sun rays and the wide-angle field of view is great for fast-moving subjects so you will be sure not to miss a thing.

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