These Sleeping Kitties Is All You Need To See

There is nothing more precious than watching a sleeping Cat. They are peaceful, cute and somehow very flexible and they have all mastered the art of falling asleep in very strange places.

Take a look at these sleeping beauties and feel your heart melt and be prepared for some hilarious snaps.

These photo’s are taken from around the web and they all deserve 5 stars.

#1 Life is good for this kitty

#2 Took a few days of trying, but my friend finally placed googly eyes on her sleeping cat and got a picture

#3 I found my cat sleeping on a toysword. Had to take a pic

#4 Are you sure that’s comfy, cat?

#5 I spy you, human.

#6 Keeping those paw beans nice and toasty

#7 That’s cats for you

#8 This cat is catching some afternoon sun rays

#9 There’s nothing better than chilling with your human

#10 This is insanely adorable

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