10 Awesome Hidden Litter Box Furniture Pieces You Won’t Believe

If you’ve never seen a hidden litter box before then prepared to be amazed. We all know what a terrible eye sore a litter box can be and they can be quite embarrassing especially when you have guests round for tea and your cat decides to conveniently use the box just as your dishing out the food. 
Your guests won’t even know that you have a hidden litter box because they just look like a piece of normal furniture but inside is your kitties litter tray which gives them total privacy as they’re doing their daily business.
These pieces of furniture can be used in any room of the house and they come in all sorts of designs from plant pots to units that you can use to store your stuff in/on as well. 

Cat Litter Box Unit With Circle Entrance

This unit comes in either a small or large. The hole allows your cat to freely climb in and out whenever they like and the unit is great for putting in any room of your home, the great thing is you can use the unit to store your ornaments on or you can make a lovely display on it, maybe even a shrine to your cat.

Rustic Wooden Cat Litter Enclosure

This multifunctional cat litter enclosure is a definite favourite of ours, it comes in a choice of 3 colours to suit your home decor and the beautiful design allows you to store your bits and bobs. No-one will ever know what is actually inside! The fancy arc hole on the side allows your cat to climb in and out for the toilet where they can feel safe and secure as they answer to mother natures call. The unit is made from a premium strong plasterboard with a waterproof surface.

Sophisticated Cat Litter Tray Pod

When you look at this pod it doesn’t exactly scream out cat litter box, it’s modern and sleek design in a choice of 3 colours will compliment your homes decor. It opens effortlessly and comes with a removable litter tray for quick and hassle-free cleaning. The plastic has a special non stick technology which provides effective odour blocking qualities. The integrated steps helps to keep the litter contained so your cat isn’t trailing it around your house after each use.

Cat Litter Enclosure With Metal Frame

This glamorous cat litter enclosure comes with a metal frame and a unique cat face shaped hole for your kitty to enter and exit. The sturdy construction makes it stable enough to use for storing your items on top or maybe your cat will make their place on top of this cabinet. The interior divide panel prevents litter from being kicked out onto your floor which means no more annoying bit of kitty litter on your floors and carpets. The iron rack handle on the side can be used to store towels, grooming tools and even your litter scoop.

Designer Enclosed Cat Litter Box

This cute little cabinet holds your cats litter box or even their bed so they have a safe space to go to the toilet. The white wood blends in with your home and the storage shelf allows you to keep essential items on hand whether it’s the tv remote, magazines or a supply of treats. The top can be used to display an ornament or flowers or maybe your cat would prefer to use it as a perch.

Rustic Cat Tower With Hidden Toilet

This cat tree is great as it gives your cat somewhere to play, rest and poop! The toilet compartment is hidden in the cabinet and the unique cat shaped hole allows them to come and go as they please. It’s suitable for multiple cats and will look fab in your home. When it’s time to clean out the tray, simply open the door remove the tray, dump the dirty litter, replace and close the door. It’s a creative way to hide your cats smelly toilet.

Trendy Litter House

This trendy litter house is designed with plenty of vents to circulate the air. It’s not only a private toilet for your cat but they can use the top of the cabinet as a resting area because you know cats love to climb and sit on furniture. When assembling this piece of furniture you can choose which end to have the opening as it’s reversible so can either be fixed onto the left or right side depending on what works best for you.

Litter Box Condo

This stylish litter box condo will look great in your home and your cat will love that they have somewhere private to do their business. The shelves on the side provide extra space for you to store items whether it’s your cats accessories or your towels, decor or magazines. It will hide your cats litter tray but still look very attractive.

Litter Box Bench

Your guests will never know that this bench is actually hiding your cats litter tray, anyone will think that it’s just a normal seat. The inside is made from a waterproof material so even if your cat has a clumsy moment then you can simply wipe down the mess. Assembly of this ottoman doesn’t take long at all and the sturdy structure can support 150lbs.

Self Cleaning Litter Box

This definitely doesn’t look like your average litter box and your guests might even be confused as to what it actually is but this self cleaning litter box will make you wish you’d got one sooner. 
The sensors in this self cleaning cat litter box can detect when your cat has entered, it also detects weight and heat from your pet. The spray machine automatically blasts a puff for odour removal keeping your home fresh. You can hook this system up to your phone and it has an accident protection system so it will send a message to your phone incase their is an emergency. The device will clean automatically after your pet has used it.

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