10 Best Cat Beds For Kitties Who Love To Hide

Some cats aren’t fussed where they sleep, they may choose the sofa the top of the fridge or a random spot on the floor but some cats love to find an enclosed space where they can curl up and mould themselves into the sides to get the perfect sleeping position. That would definitely be me if I were a cat! 
These top 10 enclosed cat beds provide your four legged friend with a safe and comfortable space for them to get some privacy as they have their beauty sleep. Cat beds come in all sorts of fun and snug designs so whether your after a super soft bed or something trendy to blend into your home decor then you’ll find the right one to suit your needs.

Self Warming Cuddle Cave

If your cat loves to squeeze themselves into the smallest and tightest space possible then they are going to adore this cuddle cave. Inside is incredibly soft, designed with 100% extra thick poly fill for maximum comfort and the best thing is the self warming insulation radiates heat back to your pet. This is an absolute winner during the winter months and the reviews are great for this product. 

Merino Wool Cat Cave

This merino wool cat cave comes in a variety of colours and is handmade with love. The modern design gives your cat a cosy space to nap and rest whenever they feel like they need a little peace and quiet. It’s an eco friendly pod that has been made completely free from any kind of harsh chemicals and synthetics. The great thing is that it keeps your cat warm in the winter and cool during those summer months making it perfect for all year round.

Pufferfish Cat Cave

If you’re after something a little more fun this pufferfish bed will definitely put a smile on your face. It comes in small, medium and large so no matter what size your cat you will find the perfect fit for them. This bed can also be used as a pet mat, simply press down the top cover and place a pillow on it for a snoozy place to rest.

Cute Shark Cat Bed

This adorable shark cat bed will definitely make your family laugh when your cat is sleeping inside the sharks mouth. It comes in two sizes and is great for your sleepy cat. It’s very easy to maintain and clean as the inner cushion is removable and the cover is also machine washable so any accidents can be quickly cleaned up. The anti slip bottom prevents the bed from moving around the floor.

Funny Banana Shaped Cat Bed

This banana shaped cat bed is definitely a popular one with very happy customers. Whether it’s for your own cat or a surprise for a friend, then this banana cat bed is definitely going to make somebody laugh. It’s super cosy and snug for your cat and it creates a nesting feeling for them so they can nuzzle up and have the best sleep ever.

Plush Cat Cave

This plush cat cave complete with fur trim provides a real cosy enclosed nesting space for your kitty to retreat to. It’s lined with ultra plush to keep them warm and the foam walls provide extra comfort and support for their back. Simply place in your cats quiet spot and watch them as they climb into this soft and snuggly cave bed.

Cosy Cat Tent

This pet tent is a great choice and has a sturdy construction which will stand the test of time. It’s suitable for any room in your home and the leather handle allows you to take it with you on the go. It’s the perfect hide away for your cat to get their naps without being disturbed. 

Cat Cube Cave Bed

This cat cave bed is great for those who like to change position and have scratch of their claws. Your cat can use the top perch for a nap and when they need a serious sleep or want to hide away from everyone else they can use the enclosed cave. The scratching pad on the side allows them to scratch their claws and release some energy, the dangling ball hanging down from the entrance will give them something to play with making it great for kittens and playful cats.

Multi-function Cat Cave

This unique cat cave is great for those cats who don’t like to be full cased in and who love to explore and play. Use this as a bowl, a tunnel and also a scratching pad. Your cat will have hours of fun exploring the different design styles of this cave. They can use it as somewhere to run, play, chase and tumble or somewhere where they can take a cheeky nap.

Cat Tunnel Bed

This tunnel bed will have your cat entertain for hours on end, especially if you have more than one cat as they can chase each other in the tunnel. It also doubles up as a very cosy, snug and private place to sleep as they will be completely out of sight in this tunnel.

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