This Multi-storey Outside Cat House Keeps Your Cat Warm And Dry

This luxurious multi-storey cat house is not only very attractive and eye-catching but it will give your cat a place to keep warm, dry and shaded when they can’t get into the house. All necessary parts are included with this house and assembly is super simple, you’ll have it built within no time at all.

The house is made from a 100% natural fir wood and is painted using a water-based paint. The roof of this outside cat house is treated with real asphalt shingles and both of the openings are covered with an asphalt rain stoop and acrylic doors making it a great weatherproof house for your cat. It’s a great place for your kitty to hide and feel safe while being protected from all of the elements. There are two openings making it easy for your cat to come and go, it’s that cosy you’ll probably get the neighbours cats joining in too.

When it comes to cleaning this cat house is very easy to access as both the middle and bottom floors can be removed so you can give it a real deep clean when needed. You can gain access by the openings, so everyday you can quickly do a spot check. 2 fleece mats are also included to give your cat a little extra comfort on their paws after a long day of being outside.

There is even a cute little balcony for your cat to perch on and sunbath or simply watch the world go by. Acrylic door flaps help to prevent any rain, snow or wind from entering the house so your cat will feel nice and toasty at all times.

This house is available in 3 colours so you can choose from grey, blue or a stunning wine red. Whichever colour you go for it’s going to look fantastic in your garden and your cats are going to love it.

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