Cats Absolutely Love These Wall Mounted Shelves

These wall mounted shelves are a fantastic idea for your cat so they can have their own private spot to keep a look out. There’s nothing more that cats enjoy than to be up high so they can feel like royalty and this set of shelves comes with a larger shelf complete with a cushion so your cat can feel safe, secure and most important nice and comfortable.

These are great to use in any room of the house and they are a brilliant alternative to a cat tree if you don’t have enough space in your small home. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor cats too.

#1 Wall Mounted Cat Shelf

Your cat is going to appreciate these quirky shelves as they will always have access to a high point.

Solid pine wood has been used to create each shelf so they are super sturdy and the cat bed can even hold up to 30kg so even your largest cat can enjoy this cosy bed. The bed cushion is secured to the shelf with ties to prevent it from slipping or falling off.

#2 This Will Look Great In Any Room

Cleaning the cushion is very easy as it can be removed for cleaning.

Each step is covered with rope so your cat can get a comfortable and secure grip when climbing and it gives them great traction.

These shelves are so easy to install you will be finished within minutes. Simply mark holes on the wall where needed, drill and screw these shelves into place. They are definitely going to bring some unique style into your home.

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