You Can Now Get A Wellness Centre For Your Cat

We’ve all seen those massaging devices and foot massagers for humans but now your cat can have their very own wellness centre in the comfort of their own home.

It makes a unique gift for that special cat in your life that deserves a bit of wellness therapy, they will be the most pampered kitty in town.

This unusual looking device offers your cat the opportunity to chill, relax and find inner peace after a stressful day of playing. 

#1 The Wellness Centre For Your Kitty

Simply add some of your cats favourite catnip to the massager or on the cushion and watch your cat as they have the time of their life. The variety of durable brushes help to keep your cat groomed and clean which is especially important as they get older. The dual brushes help to collect any loose and shedding hair which is perfect if your cat hates being brushed.

At the top of the wellness centre is a special massager that is designed for your cats head, neck and face which makes it a superb way to relieve stress and to promote relaxation. Great for those with any anxieties.

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