Meowijuana Is The Safe Catnip Treat For Your Cat

Meowijuana is a premium silvervine and catnip blend designed to heighten your cats play time. We all know just how important it is for our cats to get exercise which like humans, helps to release those feel good hormones which benefit our overall health.

This eye catching catnip not only sounds good but it has excellent customer reviews from very happy cats from around the world.

#1 100% Organic Catnip

Meowijuana contains absolutely no preservatives, pesticides, fillers, or artificial ingredients making it a 100% natural choice for your cat. Despite the catchy name this product does not contain marijuana, THC or CBD. 

 Safety is paramount and this catnip is tested for off the chart effectiveness so your cat can have the best time ever!

#2 The Purest Catnip

Only the best catnip is used and silvervine acts as a stimulant and creates a sense of euphoria.

Simply sprinkle on the floor or on your cats favourite toy and watch them as they have that wacky mad half hour. You will definitely be entertained too.

I'm sure you all know a cat who could benefit from some quality Meowijuana.

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