This Cat Tree Will Give Your Cat Hours Of Fun

If you have a cat then you know just how inquisitive they are and how much they love to climb. Providing your four legged friend with a cat tree like this one is guaranteed to prevent boredom and it also helps to encourage them to exercise which will benefit their health in the long run.

This cat tree is suitable for any room of the house and will definitely make a great feature. Your cat is going to be amazed when they see this awesome cat tree for the first time.

#1 The Comfiest Cat Tower

Whether you have one cat or multiple cats, this activity tree will provide each cat with their own private space to play, sleep or hang out. They have a choice of using the perch on top to keep a look out, exploring the 2 cat houses, using the 1 sisal ladder and 3 scratching posts to sharpen their claws, they can play with plush ball or simply go crazy climbing and jumping off this cat tree.

#2 Hours Of Fun

The high quality wooden base is 4cm thick making it much thicker than others and the stability rate increases by 25%.

You can also create more stability by fixing this to a wall so you can have peace of mind when your cats are home alone using this tree that it won’t fall over.

This cat tree comes in a choice of 2 colours so you can choose from either beige or grey, so no matter what style you have in your home you can find the right tree to match up.

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