The Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box Will Save You Time

If you’re a cat owner then you may have joked about and wished for a self cleaning litter tray, well now you can actually have one and at an affordable price too. Say yes to no more messy floors. You’ll be so amazed you will be telling all your cat loving friends what they are missing out on. It will spare you many moments of shovelling dirty cat litter so you can have more time to play and bond with your furry friend.

Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Tray

This clever self cleaning litter tray will provide you with weeks of fresh and clean litter whenever your cat needs. As the self cleaning starts, the rake scoops any clumps and poop beneath the waste trap and the safety sensors will automatically stop if it senses that your cat is still in the box or come to have a nosey. There is also a health counter built in that lets you know just how many times your cat uses the litter tray each day. It’s super easy to set up, all you need to do is pour a pack of the kitty litter into the tray and then place it under the litter box for weeks worth of odour and moisture control. It really does self clean for weeks, after your cat has done their business the sensor will detect when they leave, wait for 20 minutes, then start the cleaning cycle so it’s fresh and ready for the next toilet trip.

Click Here To View PricesThe litter used is actually crystal litter which are 99% dust free and never stick to your cats paws. If your cat isn’t used to crystal litter then you can easily transition them by adding a small amount of their old dirty litter into the new tray. It’s a new thing for them so it might just take them a little while to grasp the new idea but once they have the hang of it there’s no going back. When you are ready to replace the litter tray simply cover the used tray with the lid provided and throw it away, it’s as easy as that!

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