Identify Newborn Pups With This Collar Set And Information Chart

If you are a puppy breeder then you know just how hard it is to keep track of each newborn pup and to remember who’s who. 
This newborn puppy collar set will be a massive help as it comes with 15 different colored collars which are made from using a high quality nylon material and are completely safe for newborn pups. The collars are easy to clean as you can simply wipe clean them or throw them into the washing machine and they are fast drying too so you can use them time and time again. These are designed with puppies in mind so the double sided soft fabric gives the skin more care.

Just remember to place the collar on each pup loosely but not too tight as puppies are super fast growers and you never want the collar to be too tight. Always check daily that each puppy has enough collar room.

You will easily be able to identify each pup from the color of their collar and you can write their personal notes on the charts provided next to their corresponding collar color. It’s never been easier to keep track.

The charts allow you to keep important information about each pup in an organised system. Keep track on whelping, weight progress (daily & weekly), vaccination dates, bottle and tube feeds, time of birth and also new owner information.

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