This Portable Dog Mat Is Perfect For Road Trips

Sometimes all you need is a comfortable spot for your dog to lounge on and that old towel that you keep in the back of the car might not be enough. This is where a portable dog mat will come in use on so many occasions whether that’s a weekend camping trip or a day out to the beach. 

This portable dog mat is very generous on size with it measuring 46.5 x 33 inches so even the largest of breeds can spread out and multiple dogs can share the space, you may even find yourself sitting on it too (if your dog wants to share). The mat provides your dog with padding and the material is also soft and fluffy so they can have a cosy nights sleep or day nap.

These mats are super fast at drying because of the microwave polyester material and the dry base means that your dog can lie on wet grass and the moisture won’t even leak through. Your dog will be as dry as a bone and very happy. This portable dog mat is also easy to keep clean as pet hair and dirt will not stick to it and if you need a deep clean it’s suitable to throw into the washing machine on a cold wash and even the tumble dryer on a low heat setting. You can even pop it in with your other clothes as the dye used in this mat is colorfast.

It’s a great gift for any dog owner as it can be taken anywhere your dog goes, simply grab and go. It’s great for keeping in the car for those moments when you wish you’d brought a softer blanket.

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