Create A Fun Space With This Indoor Wall Mounted Cat Bridge

Cats love the great outdoors because they get to explore nature and climb different things but indoors doesn’t have to be boring. If you have some free space on a spare wall you can create an adventure play area for your adventurous cat, it will be fun for them and it will also be entertaining for you and your family to watch.
You can really get your creative juices flowing and make them a cool little play space where they can climb and explore till their hearts content.
There is a choice of 3 different sizes so no matter what size of wall space you have to work with you will be able to find one suitable for you.

Indoor Wall Mounted Cat Bridge

The indoor wall mounted cat bridge is made from a high quality wood and is completely safe for your cat to use. The bridge quickly and easily attaches to your wall and the package includes the cat bridge, two fixed brackets and screws.
304 stainless steel screws are used to connect the fixing frame and the suspension bridge so you can be assured that this is durable and sturdy for your cat to use time and time again. It’s also suitable for more than one cat too.
If your cat is a true ninja then you can use multiple bridges at different heights to create a fun play area for them. It will be a space to call their own and it’s somewhere they can feel safe. As you know all cats love to be up high so your cat will feel like king of the castle and will do what he/she does best by keeping a look out for any “predators”.
Even the older cat or less abled cat can use this bridge as you can choose the height it is placed, you would just need to fix it to a lower and safer area on the wall so no cat is ever left out.
The tough bit is deciding on which room in your house that you are going to fix this wall mounted cat bridge. It could be used in the hallway, bedroom, even the closet or bathroom, the choice is completely yours.

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