Embark: The At Home Breed Identification & Genetic Health Screening Test

Technology has advanced so much over the years and more than ever we are able to find out information that years ago was never even possible. Not only can we do our own genetic health checks from the comfort of our home but we can do it on our pets too. These DNA test kits are becoming more and more popular as they can provide us with a whole range of information about our beloved pups.
If you have a mixed breed pup and are really eager to find out exactly what has gone into their genetic makeup then one of these tests might surprise you with the results.

It has never been easier to do, when you get your DNA testing kit all you need to do is activate the code to track your dogs sample. You will then need to take a swab of the inside of your dogs cheek which usually takes around 30-60 seconds, a little distraction will help any unsure dogs. Then the last step is to mail it off(shipping is free) and you should expect to receive your dogs DNA results within 2-4 weeks, it’s as easy as that!

You will be sent a downloadable report of your dogs test and you will be able to share this with your vet if needed as it will help them to understand your dogs needs to. This test will reveal so much about your dog such as fun facts like their physical traits, how big they’ll get when fully grown down to more serious concerns such as genetic diseases and drug sensitivities.
Embark screens well over 350 dog breeds, types and varieties and will give you the most accurate breed breakdown. They also test for 190+ genetic diseases so you are able to alert your vet and take the appropriate action when needed so you can keep your dog happier and healthier than ever before.

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