iFetch: The Interactive Ball Launcher Your Dog Has Dreamed Of

What does a dog love more than to play fetch with a ball? It’s definitely the simple things in life that make your dog happy, so if your pup could play fetch all day long then this automatic ball launcher might just save your aching arms. They can play to their hearts content.

iFetch Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

The iFetch dog ball launcher may be a godsend for you but your dog is definitely going to see this as the best toy ever that keeps throwing out balls time and time again. Just remember not to get the balls too wet as it could affect their performance but not to worry as you can use similar sized balls too in this machine if you loose or run out of the balls provided.
This launcher comes in 2 sizes either small or large. The small one comes with mini tennis balls for smaller pups who can’t quite squeeze a normal sized tennis ball into their mouth and the large launcher comes with average sized tennis ball for larger breeds. 
Owner supervision is recommended when using this toy, it will give you a good chance to bond with your dog and also motivate them too. They will soon realise that when they drop their ball into the top of the machine it will soon come flying back out again. A little training might be required as you will need to teach your dog to stand beside or behind the machine as you don’t want them to get hit by a launching ball! This dog ball launcher is an excellent choice if you have an energetic dog or if you can’t throw as far as what your dog would like.
You can change the launch distance with the touch of a button from 10, 20 or 30 feet which makes it suitable for playing both inside and outside, if you have the space indoors. It’s the perfect sunny day and rainy day activity for your pooch. It either plugs in or takes batteries so whatever is most convenient for you 
It’s makes the most awesome gift for your pooch or for your dog loving friend.

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