The Cutest Cat Mug And Fish Tea Infuser

This adorable cat mug tea infuser is really going to make the sweetest gift for your cat loving and tea drinking friend or maybe a cute gift for yourself.

You could use this cat mug tea infuser absolutely anywhere, whether it’s in your office, home, or work or taking on your travels. Have you noticed that tea always tastes better when you drink it from a mug that you really like? Well your tea is going to taste amazing in this cat tea mug infuser.


Tea Fish Infuser

Enjoy the most delicious cup of tea as this infuser is the perfect size for a single cuppa as it holds 250ml. It’s made from a blend of wheat fibre and boron silicon glass which is a completely safe and durable material making it a great choice.

It’s super easy to brew when you want a cuppa, simply fill the little fish with your favourite loose tea whether it’s herbal, fruit or green tea, place the fish head back on and fill the cup with boiling water.

For best results is recommended to leave your tea to steep for a few minutes to infuse all of the goodness, usually 5-10 minutes is perfect but if you want a stronger flavour then leave it for longer.

For those who can’t resist a bit of pink in their life, then this mug is also available in a beautiful pink colour.

It’s a great gift for all occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines or any reason for a present.

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