This Snuffle Mat Will Encourage Your Dogs Natural Hunting Instincts

This might look like just a funky mat for your home but it actually helps your dog to use their natural instincts to forage and hunt for food.

All dogs need a little stimulation and this mat will certainly get their brains working as it helps to mimic the hunt for food in nature. The bright colour of this mat attracts their attention and it is perfect for any dog, any size and any age, there are no limits.

Simply place some of your dogs favourite treats in this mat (dried food will work best) and watch as they use their natural sniffing and foraging skills to hunt for the reward. This will entertain your dog and will also help to prevent any boredom and frustration your dog may be experiencing. It is also a great distraction for anxious dogs as it helps to keep their minds busy and active.

The Snuffle Mat Will Entertain Your Pup For Hours

Strong fabric will stand the test of time as your dog uses this mat over and over again. It is tear resistant which means it’s great even for the most boisterous of pups.

This mat is portable and designed with a hook so you can take it with you on your travels and hang it up after your dog has finished playing with it.

This snuffle mat is super easy to clean, if it gets dirty and needs a freshen you can either hand wash it or place it in the washing machine for a good clean.

The design allows for multiple mats to be connected together to create one super large mat which your dog will absolutely love. This is great especially if you have a large breed who needs the space or you have multiple dogs in your home.

Each snuffle mat has been beautifully hand woven and the non toxic printing and dying is completely safe and harmless for your precious pooch.

Lots of happy customers are raving about these mats and have mentioned just how great they are at keeping their dogs amused and entertained throughout the day. Afterall, dogs will do just about anything for a tasty treat.

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