Protect Your Pups Eyes With A Pair Of Dog Goggles

Whether you’re off to the beach, going on a holiday or spending the day trekking it’s important to not only protect your eyes from the suns harmful rays but you need to protect your dogs eyes too. The dog goggles may look comical but they offer UV protection and help to keep your pets eyes healthy.

They not only offer protection from the sun but provide total protection from any wind, water, dust and debris.

Dog Goggles Protect Your Dogs Eyes From The Elements

These jazzy goggles come in a variety of colours to suit your dogs personal style and will make them look very trendy. 

The adjustable head and chin strips allow you to get the perfect fit for your dog and the foam cushion frame ensures your dog is comfortable.

They are great for taking on travels and they fold away so can easily fit into your bag when not in use.

These fashionable dog sunglasses can be used all year round to protect your dogs eyes from all of the elements. They are also great for swimming too especially if your dog has sensitive eyes which get sore easily.

Simply keep these on hand and use them whenever you need to protect your pups eyes.

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