Your Cat Can Relax In This Wall Mounted Cat Hammock

Have you ever noticed that your cat just loves to climb high? They always manage to find a cosy place to sleep either on top of a cupboard or somewhere that out of reach for you.

Cats are born with natural instincts to climb and as they sit up on a high perch it allows them to get a great view and keep a lookout for any predators. In the wild, a high point gives them the opportunity to observe their surroundings whilst having a safe and secure place to sleep out of the way of predators.

Trixie Wall Mounted Hammock For Your Cat

This is not only a cool idea but it is a great space saving option if you are limited on space for a cat bed making it a great choice for small apartments. It’s a great idea if your cat likes to sleep in your room but you have no space for a cat bed, simply fix this to the wall and within minutes your cat will be in there all snuggled up.

The hammock is made from a soft and cosy plush material and it supports your cats natural curve as they sleep. The back cover is also covered in plush which protects your walls.

The back surface is covered in a sisal material which will allow your cat to sharpen their claws which not only keeps them at a healthy length but also helps to relieve any frustration or extra energy that your cat may have. The scratching pad may also help to protect your precious furniture from being clawed to death too.

Trixie also offers a range of other wall mounted features which match the hammocks design.

You can get your create energy flowing and create your cat a special area with wall mounted beds and perches, it will be a true paradise for them.

Your cat will feel cosy, safe and secure in the wall mounted hammock and they will be able to get some privacy yet still keep a lookout.

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