Top 5 Squirrel Feeders For Hungry Critters

Attracting squirrels into your garden will not only benefit them but you and your family will get some great entertainment from watching these amazing creatures. Did you know that squirrels are professionals of observation, so if they think that they are being watched they will pretend to bury their nuts as a way go protecting them from any potential thieves.
One of the best places to put a squirrel feeder is right by trees, this is where they feel most safe and if they need to escape quickly (from a cat or dog etc) then can jump into a nearby tree and run away. Providing squirrels with their own place to snack may help them to stay away from bird feeders as they are well known for stealing bird food.
There are a variety of squirrel feeders on the market that all have different qualities and benefits it just depends which one will suit your needs, so take a look at the popular feeders below and you will be sure to find a suitable one for you and your garden.

Natures market Squirrel Hotel

The squirrel hotel provides your furry friends with a place to come and eat their food, it will also look lovely in your garden wherever you decide to hang it up as it is ideal for any size of garden.
Fill this hotel up with a variety of squirrels favourite treats and watch them as they get the treats out within seconds.

Squirrel Picnic Table Feeder

This popular picnic bench has fantastic reviews and is the most adorable squirrel feeder you will find.
Simply place this in your garden and attach a corn on the cob via the 2 inch screw or place a bowl of treats down, you can hang it up on a fence or tree or place it on the ground and watch the squirrels come for a picnic.

NEST TO NEST Squirrel feeder

This stylish squirrel feeding station is finished off with a Plexiglass window and is made from a high quality oak and bark wood.

It is a completely safe option for the squirrels as it is made with no glues or varnishes and the hopper can be filled with two different types of food.

Squirrel Feeding Station

This squirrel feeder is great for all times of the year as it is durable and also weatherproof so it will stand the test of time.

The holes in the floor allow for great air circulation which means the food will last for a lot longer. There are also lockable flaps to protect the feed box from not only moisture but any unwanted predators.

Wooden Squirrel Feeder

This squirrel feeder is simple and easy to use. Simply lift the metal lid and put in some super tasty snacks and nibbles for your squirrel friends to feast on.

It can be hung up on either your fence or on a tree to entice those furry friends to come for food.

Watch as they sit on the perch and figure out how to get the treats out of this feeder.

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