These Creature Activity Trees Will Keep Your Cat Entertained

When you think of a cat tree you might have a basic image in your mind of a few sisal poles that your cat can climb but these cat trees are going to really impress your cat and your guests too.

These awesome cat trees offer you the choice of a unicorn, giraffe, deer or even a zebra. You can turn your cats play area into a real safari for them where they can spend hours on fun burning off that energy. They are absolutely perfect if you have just one cat or a handful of kittens as there is more than enough space for each one to scratch and climb.

These activity trees provide your cat with a comfortable and safe place where they can either play, scratch or nap.

Deer Activity Tree

The tunnel inside each body allows your cat to escape from the hustle and bustle of family life to some true privacy. There is plenty of space for your cat to roll and find a comfortable position to stretch out and sleep in.

Giraffe Activity Tree

The legs and neck of each animal is covered in a natural sisal rope material which is great for when your cat needs to scratch their claws. Scratching is a great habit which every cat needs to do to maintain healthy nails and it also helps to get rid of any stress, anxiety or frustration.

These activity animal trees might even help to save your precious furniture from being scratched to death from your kitties sharp claws. You can simply spray some catnip onto the activity tree to really entice your cat to use it.

Zebra Activity Tree

As safety is priority, the base of the cat tree is made from a thickened material to ensure complete stability even with the craziest or heaviest of cats using this tree.

Unicorn Activity Tree

An adorable fluffy pom pom hangs from the tail of each creature to catch your cats attention. As they bat the pom pom it will swing back and forth which will excite them more and get their playful energies running high.

These activity creatures are super simple to assemble and it will be up within minutes of being delivered. Your cat will have the time of their life using this funky cat activity tree.

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