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These Airtight Pet Food Storage Containers Will Keep Treats Safe

If you are battling with your sneaky pet and they are always stealing nibbles and treats from your kitchen then you need something a little more serious and these vault airtight containers are going to do just the job. You’ll wish that you’d got one sooner as paws will not be able to get into these pet food containers.

Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Container

Each airtight pet food container is not only pet proof but it is pest proof too so you can be sure that no sneaky insects and bugs get into your pets treats. The patented airtight sealing system also helps to lock moisture out so snacks will last for longer.

The attractive design of the 3D paw prints make these containers visually appealing and the rest of the family will know exactly what goes into these tubs.

These vault design containers are made from a food grade BPA-free plastic that is so durable that they won’t even shatter if dropped making it suitable for keeping in outdoor spaces or cold places such as the garage, sheds and barns etc.

They also make a great place to store bird and horse feed too.

These stylish bins come with a free scoop so you can portion out your pets food and control how much they have whilst keeping your hands clean and smelling fresh.

The possibilities are endless and you can also use these pet food containers for when you are on the road as they will keep treats safe and secure.

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