The Only Crazy Cat Lady Starter Pack You Need

If you’re thinking of buying a cat or kitten and you have no idea where to start, then you have definitely come to the right place.

Bringing home that little ball of fluff may seem pretty daunting at first but you will soon become an expert cat mom, and by the end of this article you will be loaded with all of the knowledge of what your new kitty will need.

It’s true what they say. Cats are like chocolates, you can’t just have one.

Your new kitten is going to have endless amounts of energy and will be entertaining you and your family by the hour. Just like a baby or toddler, a kitten will need to be supervised during the first weeks as they can get up to no end of mischief so you need to watch them closely. The kitten stage is a precious time and playing with your kitten daily will strengthen your bond which will last for life.

Before You Get Your New Kitten

Before you get your little bundle of joy you will need to kitten proof your home so this means ensuring that they can’t get stuck in any small gaps, making sure that you have a plan in place for when you open upstairs windows such as buying a window guard to stop them from jumping out and hurting themselves. If a kitten see’s an opportunity they are definitely going to take it. Kittens are absolute pro’s at jumping and climbing, for them the higher the better, so make sure that if your kitten did climb nothing is going to fall and hurt them (or you).

New Kitten Checklist

So now you’ve kitten proofed your home so it’s a safe environment it’s time to get down to the checklist.


High Quality Kitten Food

Feeding your kitten with a natural and high quality food that is free from additives and nasty chemicals is going to set them up for a healthy future. There are plenty of cat foods that you can pick up at your local store but it’s more than likely that these are loaded with artificial ingredients and contain minimal amounts of meat. If you buy a natural kitten food then they are made using meat in it’s purest form with no added nasties, wholegrain and superfoods maybe added to benefit your kittens health and a range of hypoallergenic kitten food is available if your cat is allergic or has any sensitives.

Lily's Kitchen Kitten Food Chicken

Lily’s kitchen makes only the purest and yummiest food for your cat with absolutely no preservatives or fillers, it’s only packed with the finest of ingredients. 

The Chicken option contains shredded premium chicken fillet which is steam cooked and served in the best juices. 

It also contains taurine which is vital for your cats health.

Arden Grange Kitten Food, Chicken

Arden Grange is a specially formulated for growing kitten that is a grain free recipe which makes it suitable for those with sensitivities.

The small kibble makes it great for small mouths and the calorie dense food provides all of the nutrients that your kitten needs. It’s an excellent source of protein and even the fussiest of cats will enjoy this food.

Cat Treats

Everybody loves a good treat and cats are definitely no exception. You will soon learn that your cat will beg you for a treat when they are feeling a little peckish. Just like with cat food, you will need to keep an eye out for how much meat content actually goes into the product.

Thrive Cat Treats 100% Natural

Thrive treats are one of the most popular cat treats and it’s easy to see why as they are made using only 100% meat and fish and absolutely nothing else.

They are little pieces of yummy snack that your cat will do anything for. They are the healthier treats that cats love to eat.

Food And Water Bowls

Your kitten will need an area where they can eat their food with no distractions and where they feel safe. A quiet spot in your kitchen should be fine and they need to have access to fresh water 24/7. Kittens (and cats) can be messy eaters so a feeding mat is going to save your kitchen floor, it also makes cleaning the mess super easy and convenient for you.

Cat Food And Water Bowl Set

A food and water bowl set like this one is perfect and as they are slightly raised off the floor this will make it easier to eat from as your cat gets older as it will help to reduce strain on their neck.

Silicone Cat Food Feeding Mat

A silicone mat is a fantastic choice and this popular feeding mat comes in a variety of colours to choose from to suit your style.

Pet Water Fountain

This pet water fountain holds a generous 2.4L and is enough to supply two pets. There is also an LED night light and a minimum water level mark so you know in plenty of time when to fill this fountain up.

The 3 carbon filter ensures that your pet will be drinking clean water which will benefit their overall health.

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Collar And ID Tag

This isn’t essential but giving your cat a collar and ID tag with your cats name, door number and postcode/zipcode and your phone number gives you peace of mind that if they happen to stray too far and get lost, there is hope that if someone finds them they can reach out to you in a variety of ways. 

ID Tag Engraved

Engraved tags come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs. You can choose from simple or jazzy.

Cat Bed

Cats adore comfy spaces and a bed is really important as it’s their safe haven and somewhere they can recharge their batteries in peace. If you find that your cat doesn’t like their bed why not try a cat cave as it offers more security and there’s nothing more a cat loves than to climb into a small space for a nap. They love to feel snug and secure so you may find that a hooded bed will be best.

Comfy Cat Bed

This super cosy cat bed has an ultra plush sleeping area with a fluffy polyester fibre filling for the ultimate nights sleep.

The raised sides allows your cat to feel comfortable and secure as they sleep and it gives them somewhere to rest their head.

Cat Igloo Style Bed

Your cat is going to love this igloo style bed. It provides them with shelter where they can feel safe and secure and it gives them privacy.

Litter Tray Kit

Your new kitten is going to need somewhere where they can do their business and a litter tray provides them with a safe environment to do so.

Litter trays come in all sorts of styles and sizes it’s up to you which one you go for but from experience a hooded litter tray will prevent any nasty smells from lingering in your house and it will give your cat their privacy.

Cat Hooded Litter Tray

Cat litter trays like this one will ensure your cat has privacy but also looks attractive in your house. It’s not intimidating for guests either.

Catsan Natural Cat Litter

A natural cat litter like this one is 100% biodegradable and has extra absorbing properties. It’s super quick to work and has a clumping action which means it’s easier for you to scoop out the clumps instead of having to scoop out wet patches.

Cat Litter Scoop

A cat litter scoop is going to make your life so much easier when it comes to removing those clumps of dirty litter. Any excess litter falls through the gaps so you’re left with the remaining clump.

Cat Litter Deodoriser Granules

Deodorising granules can help to trap any potent smells which makes your home smell fresher which is especially great during the warm months when the heat makes smell stronger.

Cat Toys

This is probably one of the most important for your new fluff ball. Cats naturally love to play, explore, run, jump and wiggle their bums then pounce.

There are so many cat toys out there, just be sure that they are safe for your kitten to chew with no bits that can come off or no long pieces that can wrap round their neck and you always supervise them during play sessions.

Cat Boy Interactive Play Tunnel

This cat toy might look basic and uninteresting but it’s a cats dream. The tunnel holds a variety of balls and regular gaps in the tunnel allows your cat to put their paw in and bat the ball. As the ball rolls up the tunnel it motivates them to chase it. Your cat will have so much fun with the popular toy.

21 Pieces Cat Toy Set

This toy bundle will have your new cat entertained for hours. The selection includes a tunnel to play in and run through, a variety of balls to chase, toy mouse to bat around and a tease stick so you can play with your cat too.

Cat Tree Scratcher Activity Centre

An activity tree is every cats dream and they come in all sorts of sizes and sizes to suit the space of your home.

The cat tree provides a safe place for your cat to jump, scratch and play as well as a private nest where they can sleep without any distractions.

Kong Catnip Spray

Kong Catnip spray is a fantastic alternative to the loose catnip as it leaves no mess, you simply spray and go.

Catnip can make playtime more fun as it’s a natural high for your cat and also helps to relieve feline stress which is great for new cats.

Overall there are so many products on the market for your new cat or kitten and as long as you have some good quality basics in the beginning you can always add to the collection.

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