10 Best Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween doesn’t just have to be fun and games for the kids, your precious pup can now join in too. If your dog doesn’t mind dressing up then you can choose from so many entertaining and unique halloween costumes for your pup

Watch when trick or treaters are greeted at the door by your dressed up pup or take them trick or treating with you to spook out the neighbours. They will surely be the best dressed dog in town this Halloween.

Most costumes come in a variety of sizes so no matter what breed of pup you have, you will find the right dog halloween costume for the perfect occasion.

Pet Halloween Costumes Cape with Wizard Hat Dog

This adorable black and gold halloween cape set will look adorable on your dog. The hat features an adjustable drawstring for a comfy and stable fit and the cape is made from a high quality satin material which is soft, comfortable and lightweight. 

It’s a perfect choice for parties, trick or treating or even halloween photo shoots.

Dog Bat Wings Fancy Dress

This bat wing halloween costume is perfect for those pups who want to dress up but don’t like wearing a lot of material. It’s lightweight and comfortable for your pup to wear out and about and it fixes onto your dog with two adjustable felt belts for extra comfort.

They will look so cute walking down the street in this dog halloween costume.

Ghostbuster Dog Costume

This hilarious ghost busters dog costume comes with an awesome inflatable backpack which is super lightweight and comfortable for your pup to wear.

People are going to fall in love with this halloween costume and your dog will be sure to win any fancy dress competition.

Halloween Dog Pumpkin Costume

This adorable pumpkin outfit for your dog is made from a high quality microfibre and velvet material so it’s soft and breathable when your pup has it on.

There is a 4 button closure which makes this costume easy to put on and take off. The cute smiley face makes this a great choice for those who don’t like super spooky outfits.

Rubie's Skeleton Hoodie Pet Dog

This classic design makes a popular choice during the halloween period.

The bones are glow in the dark which makes it perfect for when you are out and about trick or treating with your dog.

This hoodie comes in a variety of sizes from small to XXX-Large so no matter what breed of dog you have, you will find the perfect fit.

Scary Black Cat Dog Costume

This comical costume features a plush cat which stands on top of your dogs back. It’s lightweight and comfortable for your dog to wear and guests are going to have a right chuckle when they see your dog run in wearing this halloween costume.

Vampire Cloak For Dog Halloween Costume

Dress your pup up like a spooky vampire this halloween with an adorable cape which easily fits onto them.

The cape is made from a quality satin material making it lightweight when your pooch has it on.

County Jail Prison Inmate Dog Costume

This county jail t-shirt for your pup will be sure to make the guests smile as they come walking by.

It is made from a blend of cotton and polyester for extra comfort and is easy to wash.

Choose from a variety of sizes from small too XXX-Large.

Halloween Costume with Pumpkin Hat

This brilliant pumpkin halloween dog outfit will make your dog stand out from the crowd. It comes with 1 pumpkin dress and 1 pumpkin hat to create the ultimate outfit.

This set is made from corduroy which is very soft, comfortable and durable making it a great choice.

Giant Spider Dog Costume

This has to be the ultimate halloween costume to scare your friends and neighbours. Watch as your dog chases them and they run off screaming thinking it’s a gigantic spider running towards them.

Adjustable neck and belly straps make this costume comfortable and give it a secure fit and the spiders legs are pliable too.

With such a great choice of dog halloween outfits it’s hard to know which one to choose for your pup. If your dog doesn’t like too much fancy dress then consider something lightweight such as the bat wings or cape costume.

Your dog will definitely be the best dressed in town.

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