These Clever Pill Pockets Disguise Your Cats Tablets

If you are a cat owner then you will know the deal when it comes to giving your cat their daily pill as it can turn out to be a very stressful event for both you and your cat. There are different ways that you can try to get your cat to take their pill such as hiding it in their meal, but for some reason they always know!

You could always try the pill shooter, however, this may be stressful for you and your cat as you will need to get a comfortable and stable hold of your cat to aim the pill. This may scare them slightly and they will be worried and always on edge for when you need to give them the next time.

Pill Pockets will be a real life saver in your household if you need to regular give your cat their pill. You simply place their vitamin or pill into the pocket and feed it to your hungry feline, the best thing is they won’t even realise they are taking a pill. This makes the whole process stress free and you will feel like a right winner.

Feline Pill Pockets

These feline pill pockets are not only a yummy way to give your cat their pill but they are made from natural ingredients and added nutrients for an extra boost.

Each pocket is designed to mask the smell of the pill so your cat will have no idea what’s in there.

Vets absolutely recommend this method and it couldn’t be easier, anyone can do this.

Simply fill each pocket with your cats vitamin or tablet and pinch the top of the pocket to secure the pill. Give your cat this yummy treat and within seconds it will have disappeared.

They also come in a delicious salmon flavour for those who prefer a fishy treat.

With over 4800 great reviews, happy customers are raving over these feline pill pockets. Owners are commenting on how much time they save when giving their cat a tablet and it’s a more pleasant experience. 

You know yourself, when you’re trying to give a resisting cat a tablet it’s time to put the body armour on as claws are flying and your cat may get easily stressed.

It’s time to try the feline pill pockets and to see what you think of this genius product.

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