These Flopping Fish Toys Will Drive Your Cat Wild

If you have a super playful cat or even a cat that needs a little encouragement to exercise more, these electric flopping fish might just be their new favourite toy. This is a fantastic toy that will definitely help to relieve boredom and it will also help to encourage your cat to move in a range of natural ways such as creeping, pouncing and using their paws to bat at the fish.

Choose from a variety of different fish and they all look pretty realistic!

The built in motion sensor starts up whenever your cat goes near the realistic looking fish. As the wiggling fish flips and flops around your cat will instinctively chase and try to catch it. Watching your cat go crazy trying to chase this fish will have you and your family entertained for hours.

The exterior of this fish toy is made from a non-toxic and a durable plush to ensure safety if your pet decides to chew on this toy. 

The cover can actually be washed if it gets too dirty.

Included in this set is 1 flopping fish, 1 USB cable, 1 catnip pouch and 1 user instruction manual. To charge the fish simply unzip the cover which is underneath the fish and plug the usb cable into the battery, when charging the motor shows a red light and when charge is complete the light will go out.

A pack of catnip is included with each fish which helps to promote playfulness if your cat needs a little encouraging. Simply sprinkle some of the catnip onto the toy and watch as your cat suddenly becomes more interested in the fish.

Go on and unleash their wild side!

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